Excitement about Search Optics’ expansion in Australia continues with another feature, this time in Australian Automotive, the premier publication for news, events, current issues, and comment for Australia’s automotive industry. Search Optics Australia outlines the company’s product offerings and global successes.

Asked how Search Optics will adapt to the local market:
“[We] offer deep expertise in the automotive industry in Australia. All of our clients are supported by our team of experts to ensure their goals are met….. We understand that Australia has its own climate with its own challenges. It’s about how we can leverage what we’re doing with OEMs. We’re here on a support basis as well. We’re here to work with our clients, provide solutions, and create digital strategies.”

In addition, Search Optics Australia provided some helpful information on digital marketing tactics such as remarketing and programmatic advertising, as well as recommendations to dealers for improving their results.

Read the complete article here.


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